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My Return to Tante Marie

A little over 1 year after graduating from Tante Marie I received a request to return and give a cooking demonstration to the current intake of budding chefs. When Andrew (school Principle) asked me I was naturally very honoured and also a little nervous! I remember having a conversation with him shortly after graduation saying how I thought part of the testing procedure should be for students to give a dem in-front of the group; now my reckoning hour had arrived 🙂 Read the rest of this entry


What A Difference A Year Makes!

It’s been a bit of a funny old year. This weekend a year ago I was attending a friend’s wedding in Kelowna, Canada, and here I am this time this year, living in a house in Fulham, London. I had just handed in my 2 weeks notice on a job of 3 years and here I am having finished my third week of work at Absolute Taste. I was counting down the days to my flight back to the UK on May 22nd, knowing that I had a lot to fit in before boarding the plane and knowing that nothing could be missed off. I would celebrate my 30th birthday with family, and friends I had got to know during the 7 years I had lived in Canada. It’s quite a thought then that a year on I have just celebrated my 31st birthday solely with people I have met in the last 12 months. Read the rest of this entry

This Is London Calling…

So I have finally made it to London! 🙂 I can remember back to my final year as an undergraduate at Lancaster University when I was posed with a decision involving moving to London. At that time it was whether I would journey down to London along with my fellow graduates and pursue a career in the corporate world, or if I would take advantage of emigration paperwork and move to Canada with my family. It was completely my own decision and at that time the sense of adventure prevailed and I moved on the opportunity to live in another country. Read the rest of this entry

Day 63 Spices Galore and Oh-So-Good!!!

As if we aren’t spoiled most days when it comes to our lunchtime eats, today we were really spoiled! A roasted Butterfly Leg of Lamb in a myriad of Indian spices and some great little Shrimp skewers spiced with Ginger, Coriander, Chilli, etc. In our family the roasts are usually of the Beef variety but there really is something quite satisfying about sitting down to a roasted leg of Lamb! Read the rest of this entry