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Anatomy of a Knife

So here is the first in the series for Building Your Knife Wallet and we’re going to run through the elements of a knife, specifically a Chef’s knife. Before we get into that though I should explain that for most Chef’s this is the knife that they will use for most things. Once you find a knife that is balanced, weighted and sized right for you, it will become your go to knife! Read the rest of this entry


Intro to Knives

I have been approached by a friend to help her put together a useful selection of knives for when she’s cooking and baking. I thought I would share this through the blog as I’m sure we can all become bewildered at times by all of the different brands, types, shapes of knives, etc, that are out there. Doing a bit of digging I have found quite a bit of information on the basics of knives so I’m going to split this down into a few smaller posts and make the reading a bit more manageable 🙂 Read the rest of this entry