Thinking outside the bun…

Think Outside The Bun Indeed! 🙂

Tante Marie Culinary Academy

My name is Richard Holden (Tante Marie graduate March 2012) and I work for Weber Barbecues as a Chef Instructor Demonstrator. I am based at Weber’s Grill Academy in Oxfordshire, but when I’m not teaching there I am touring the UK and Republic of Ireland with the Weber Experience doing pop-up demonstrations.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what foods can be cooked on the barbecue and one of the biggest is that you have to have a hot, sunny day. We always cook with the lid on at Weber and this turns the average grill into an outside oven. Anything you roast or bake in a conventional oven can be produced outside on the barbecue. We don’t stand by the oven as our food cooks, so it’s not necessary to stand by the barbecue if it’s raining. Roasting or baking outside produces food that is…

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About richardpholden

Chef living in Henley-on-Thames working for Weber BBQ's UK. Passionate about food and championing local/niche suppliers. Available for private catering, in-home cooking lessons and menu consultation. In this blog I hope to honestly share some of my journey with you, the highs and the lows, as well as post thoughts that have provoked me and made me think about something in my life, or in the larger world, in a slightly different way. These are my thoughts and my interpretations and questions on any given topic. I love the kinds of questions that make us look at an aspect of our life and delve into it more than usual. I hope you enjoy!

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