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Day 20 Things Just Kept Turning Out!

There were only 3 items on the menu this morning but each dish had a number of steps to them. Despite this, we were really happy with the way everything turned out. From the Plaice with a Mushroom and Cheese Sauce, to the Oven Roasted Ratatouille and then the Pavlova’s, which were to die for! 😉 Read the rest of this entry


Day 17 – Awesome Demo, Pudding & More Pudding!!! :-)

Today was pretty much awesome from start to finish and of course it was all about the food! 😉 We had a demo this morning where we saw some potential exam dishes be prepared and they did taste as good as they looked. This mornings demo incorporated the filleting of flat fish, which we haven’t done yet. After seeing the demo we’re all eager for next week when we get our hands on some Plaice (Tuesday) and then Sole (Thursday) for Goujons of Sole with Pommes de Terre Pont Neuf (aka Fish n Chips!!!) Read the rest of this entry