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It’s Been A While, How Are You? Doing Well Here Thanks ;-)

Good evening all! How are you? Hope you’re doing well 🙂

It seems like forever since I sat down and typed a blog entry so I apologize. Part of the reason is that under my employment contract I had to sign a confidentiality contract so typing about anything work-related would have been a violation of that. I was just working a lot and not really getting a chance to sit down and gather my thoughts. Read the rest of this entry


This Is London Calling…

So I have finally made it to London! 🙂 I can remember back to my final year as an undergraduate at Lancaster University when I was posed with a decision involving moving to London. At that time it was whether I would journey down to London along with my fellow graduates and pursue a career in the corporate world, or if I would take advantage of emigration paperwork and move to Canada with my family. It was completely my own decision and at that time the sense of adventure prevailed and I moved on the opportunity to live in another country. Read the rest of this entry