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Day 48 – Pasta and More Great News

Following on from yesterdays Pasta dem we were in the kitchen first thing this morning and cracking on with our Pasta dishes, Awesome! Ballots were drawn for the dishes we would make in our pairs and Yarti and I drew Tortelloni with Ricotta, Lemon & Pine Kernels and Crayfish and Noodle Ragout! I was very excited because this meant I got to make black pasta with Squid Ink! Don’t ask me why this was exciting, it just was 🙂 Read the rest of this entry


Day 47 – Revision and Pasta Demo

A day with no actual cooking 😦 Not such a fan of these days but they only come up now and then so can’t complain. This morning was a class basically to make us realise how much revision there is to do for next weeks Theory exam, if we hadn’t already figured it out. The afternoon was a class I’ve been looking forward too for quite a while; the Pasta Dem! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry