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Obesity – When Will The UK Wake Up From Its Food Induced Coma??

Hitting the news this week was a story about 30% of all two-to-15-years-olds being overweight, while 14-20% are obese. The news item was accompanied by a photo of a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut and had a tone of resignation, rather than outright alarm!

Are we in the eye of a perfect storm that has been 20 years in the making? Why are TV cooking programs full of Chefs making over-fussy food instead of programs that actually show people how to make day-to-day basics that are healthy, nutritious and straight-forward? Why do we have people in their mid-thirties uncomfortable with making the food they eat from scratch? Read the rest of this entry


22 Things Happy People Do Differently

This is a great article by Chiara Fucarino and you should check out her blog Life’d

Richard Branson – Opportunity Through Enterprise

This just in from Sir Richard Branson, speaking in Westminster Abbey this afternoon at the Commonwealth Day Observance service. Here is the speech he gave to the many young entrepreneurs and other guests present… Read the rest of this entry

Inspiration Really Can Come From Anywhere

Below is the transcript of a speech given today by HM The Queen to commemorate Commonwealth Day 2013. While this message may speak specifically to those who live in the Commonwealth, I would urge anyone to read the text. Surely the words of this speech are a great message and ethos for life regardless of where you live in the world. I highly recommend giving this text the few minutes it will take you to read, and a few more to simply digest what the spirit of the message means to you. Food for thought… Read the rest of this entry

What’s in Season?

Good question! 🙂 I just had a similar thought with regards a Christmas menu I’m trying to put together. I did have a website I normally refer to for such things, but for some reason couldn’t find the link. Google came to the rescue and found me a website and what a thorough website it is for UK Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Game, Fish and Seafood! Read the rest of this entry

Bridging The Gap

Just saw this  by Ira Glass and thought it was too good not to share! There are so many analogies for this kind of stuff but this is also quite a good one.

Courtesy of

A Really Big Inspiration To Me

I remember checking in on the Lancaster University news site shortly after this happened in 2009 and seeing this video clip. I had no idea who Kevin Roberts was before seeing this video but since then I have been following his blog and KR Connect religiously! Read the rest of this entry

Bongiorno from Italy!

So here I am on the 3rd day of my Italian odyssey and we have just arrived in Bologna 🙂 A quick overview so far – we started in ZĂĽrich before driving to Parma, via Como; the food we ate in Parma was Incredible! From there we drove to Florence via Prato and we left there this morning after taking a very enjoyable food tour with a local who is very well versed in the food scene. She’s on tripadvisor and I will of course follow-up with all the names and places where we ate when I fully digest the trip! Read the rest of this entry

Do You Have An Open Mind?!

A good friend of mine from university is currently travelling in South America. Alex just posted on her blog about her latest experiences at an Eco Yoga Park in La Pampa, Argentina. Read the rest of this entry

World Food Day #BAD11

So today is World Food Day organised by the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and there is a global discussion taking place about Food. What people’s favourite food memories are, What can be done to distribute food evenly throughout the world, What can be done to make food accessible for everyone, etc, etc, etc,. Food can be so many things to so many people. Food can be primped and polished and served on the best tables in the land, or it can be served up in newspaper. It is traded on the Commodity Markets and sold from vending machines. Read the rest of this entry