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Day 8 – In Summary AWESOME!!!

This is going to be a short post for now as I’m heading to London to see friends who are visiting from Canada but I promise to send full details over the weekend 🙂

Day 8 Glazed Lattice Apple Tart. No I didn't buy it!!!

This was easily my best day to date! While we were glazing our tarts this morning our tutor Tim asked Mrs Alexander, Director of Studies, to come and review our classes efforts. This was quite the shock because we knew Mrs A will ultimately be one of the select few to grade our exams, and so far we haven’t presented any of our work to her in-person. Mrs A surveyed the finished products around the kitchen with notes here and there. When it was my turn I mentioned a few areas where I wasn’t happy with the finish of the glaze and mentioned that the filling had bubbled through in some places to make some darker parts. It was as if Mrs A was deaf because she simple told me that it was how a Glazed Lattice Tart should look and I should be very happy. She also told me not to let it go to my head because we all have a fluke now and then but I have been enjoying the minor high since! It’s an amazing feeling and while I know that come Monday morning we’re all back to square one, I know I need to enjoy this feeling for now 🙂

I’ll post the rest over the weekend but I had to share this. Take care and enjoy your weekends!