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Day 46 – Veal Escalopes and Cake – Great Day!

What a great day today was! After the exams of the last few weeks, today was our first full day of cooking for a while. So nice to be in the kitchens again cracking on with recipes and creating dishes. This morning was Soup, Veal Escalopes, Potatoes and Ginger Mousse. In the afternoon we make Praline and finishing our cakes! đŸ™‚ Read the rest of this entry

Day 27 Demo & Decorating

As I typed “Day 27” in the title I had the feeling I was on some seafaring adventure from years gone-by and that I may be logging the days adventures on the off-chance I might never return…Maybe it was the beer I had with dinner but what a strange thought indeed! Maybe I just need to get in a kitchen and actually make something. I mentioned last week that the staff at school are doing a great job of keeping everyone calm during the exam period but I think I just need to get in a kitchen and make something because it feels like there have been a lot of demo’s lately. That said, we are getting to see food in the demos that is definitely moving the bar higher. Read the rest of this entry