My name is Richard Holden and I am currently on a path to follow my dream!

Some time in 2010 I was struck by the complexity of the quote, “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal.” It is a quote I had heard many times before but it sparked something in me and I set out wondering what it meant for Me. It seemed to me that one day you have to give the performance of a lifetime. Then I asked myself if I was Rehearsing for what I wanted to Perform when the curtain rose and the lights came up; I wasn’t! With this new appreciation came the realisation that I had to make some changes and with that in mind I set about coming up with what I would do next.

I have always had a love for food, not just eating it, and I put this down to being shown how to make the food we ate by our Mum and Grandma’s. Working at our neighbours Farm Shop from a young age I also knew where a lot of the produce came from. That said I followed a professional career path first with a Business degree and then 7 years of working my way up the corporate ladder in first in the Laundry Industry and then the Oil & Gas Industry in Western Canada. Along the way though I knew that one day I wanted to make food a larger part of my daily work and then a friend casually said, “Why don’t you go and get some training so you can do this?”

Fast forward a few months and I was handing over an envelope at the Post Office. Enclosed was my application and a deposit cheque for a Cordon Bleu cooking course at the Tante Marie School of Cookery in Woking, Surrey. I was in feet first and as the deposit meant I was responsible for the full course fees, there was also no turning back!

So here I am, keeping family and friends up-to-date with my adventure via my blog. I am now a few months post Graduation and have just started my second job. Straight from school I moved up to London with a few other classmates and started working for the outside catering company, Absolute Taste. For them I worked over at the Olympic Park in Stratford in one of the many Olympic Corporate Pavilions they were catering. Working as part of a 3 Chef team we were providing breakfasts, lunches, canape receptions and sit-down dinners for 200+ guests at a time. The job was really good but an opportunity came up to work for one of the biggest names in BBQ and I couldn’t turn it down. Weber had a post for a Grill Academy/Airstream Chef and sometimes you just can’t control when this sort of opportunity will fall into your lap. For me this job is the culmination of so many previous life and work experiences all rolled into one, and I also just love to BBQ so I jumped at it. The role combines a teaching role in the Oxfordshire based Grill Academy, with public cookery demonstrations on their touring Airstream trailer.

My posts range on topics from simple updates of what’s going on to something I read and feel I want to share. I also love questions that make you stand back from something in this life and ask why it is the way it is; and in some case ask if it can be better? Any opinions and views expressed in any of my posts are my own.

Please do leave your comments if there are any after reading one of my posts, I’d love to know your thoughts so please feel free.

I hope you find it interesting – happy reading!


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