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Day 51 – Finishing off Petit Our Fours

Today was the second class to work on our Petit Fours. Earlier this week we tempered chocolate and poured it into moulds, got our sponge bases made and butter cream piped for our Petit Fours and also got the fudge made and in the fridge to chill. This afternoon was about working with the Boiled Fondant and coating the little morsels, cutting up the fudge and taking the chocs out of their moulds. Read the rest of this entry


Day 49 – Lamb Roast & Petit Fours Part I

This mornings class was quite funny and completely in my comfort zone. Chicken Liver Pate with Melba Toast and Roasted Shoulder of Lamb with Haricot Beans. Our afternoon was our first chance to get down and dirty (it was literally everywhere!) with Chocolate tempering as well as making some Petit Fours. Read the rest of this entry

Day 44 Game & Petit Fours

Game has been a big thing for me this year and for those who know me, sweet things have just been a big thing for me always!! 🙂 We had a Game Dem earlier in the week and this was our chance to get to grips with cooking some game for ourselves. The afternoon dem was all about dainty and delicate sweet things in the form of Petit Fours. Read the rest of this entry