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Day 87 Celebration Lunch Exam

This was a day that I was looking forward to, while at the same time dreading! Looking forward to it because I wanted to get in the kitchen and cook a menu that I had created to fit a brief, but dreading the day because the 22nd of February was the day of the exam, as well as the day we had to hand in our coursework assignment! The assignment involved a lot of work over the weeks and months running up to the 22nd, so much so that we were given the project around mid-November. At the same time as this, I also had to create the menu for the Celebration Lunch exam, cost out the individual components and get them to fit into the £25 budget precisely, put together all of the paperwork to go along with the costings, recipes, etc, shop for the ingredients, oh and practice a few of the individual components! Once done though I knew that the only thing between me and graduation was the Final Practical exam the week after! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry


Day 30 – AWESOME!

What a day! Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments, but what a day! This morning we got to prep Scallops for a simple starter. Then we made Curry and Naan Breads. Then we made Choux Pastry for Profiteroles, filled the little blighter’s with Whipped Cream & Creme Patissiere and covered them in Chocolate Sauce – How much better can things be? You’ll have to read more to find out!!! 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Day 27 Demo & Decorating

As I typed “Day 27” in the title I had the feeling I was on some seafaring adventure from years gone-by and that I may be logging the days adventures on the off-chance I might never return…Maybe it was the beer I had with dinner but what a strange thought indeed! Maybe I just need to get in a kitchen and actually make something. I mentioned last week that the staff at school are doing a great job of keeping everyone calm during the exam period but I think I just need to get in a kitchen and make something because it feels like there have been a lot of demo’s lately. That said, we are getting to see food in the demos that is definitely moving the bar higher. Read the rest of this entry