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A Fantastic Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

Who doesn’t love this pudding? Or couldn’t grow to love it if eating it for the first time! It is a classic hot sponge pudding with a luxurious toffee sauce poured over the top that one may choose to finish off with a custard, or my favorite, ice cream!

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A Word From 1 Of My Business Idols on Holidays

I could never get my head around the contrast between the US’s claim to be The New World and a place where things are somehow better, yet my first job afforded me NO vacation for the first year. After the first year I got 2 weeks, which would go up to 3 weeks for 5 years service and 4 weeks for 12 years. Needless to say I didn’t stick around for the 5 year mark! Unfortunately the US mentality can roll North of the 49th parallel, and no number of Stat Holidays ever seemed to make up for it either.

In this article, Richard Branson shares his views on the need for people to get away from the day-to-day and be able to recharge. Distance always seems to afford an objectivity on circumstances. I know I’ve been on holiday and had thoughts of how I need to do something when back at the office. A quick note goes in the journal so I don’t forget that thought and the holiday continues free from concern.

Feel free to pass comment and share your thoughts.

P.S. Hope you’re all enjoying your Summer holidays!

How Much Juice is “18 Lemons”?

It was the Autumn of 2009 and I was toying with the idea of how to make a business for myself with food. Talking to a good friend of mine she pointed out that the Rowing Clubs End of Year Awards Dinner was coming up and I should see about providing some of the food. Caterers would provide the usual dinner and I would provide desserts. A little daunting to think of dessert for 130 but a minute or two of thought and it was obvious that 6 Lemon Meringue Pies and 6 Cheesecakes would fit the bill quite nicely. Read the rest of this entry