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Time Goes Faster Than You Think

So the last 2 weeks of holiday have gone by in what now seems like a flash. I took a trip out to Calgary for my sister’s birthday, and I caught up with quite a few friends I haven’t seen in a loooong time. It’s always hard to feel relaxed after a ‘visit’ because if you’re not careful you can spend most of your time rushing from one coffee meeting to a lunch and afterwards onto a dinner somewhere else. I know it must sound like ‘hell’ but I’ve done enough trans-Atlantic trips to know it is all too easy to sit back on the plane and wish you could go somewhere else to relax… Read the rest of this entry


Bongiorno from Italy!

So here I am on the 3rd day of my Italian odyssey and we have just arrived in Bologna 🙂 A quick overview so far – we started in Zürich before driving to Parma, via Como; the food we ate in Parma was Incredible! From there we drove to Florence via Prato and we left there this morning after taking a very enjoyable food tour with a local who is very well versed in the food scene. She’s on tripadvisor and I will of course follow-up with all the names and places where we ate when I fully digest the trip! Read the rest of this entry

A Portland Treat

I’m currently working on my school project and wracking my brain for places I’ve visited to inspire my menu choices. One of the places that came back to me yesterday was a great little place in Portland, OR I visited March of 2011. Friends of mine who live in Portland told me about the place and I had to go see it for myself, so I did! Read the rest of this entry

Two Great Lunches in London

With work experience on the horizon one of the guys from the group and I have been up to London over the last few weekends to try out the restaurants where we’ll be working. It is tough work but someone’s got to do it I suppose… 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Peperoni Pizza Bar Southport

I had lunch today at the Peperoni Pizza Bar in Southport. It is run by a Father and Son team who have recently moved to the UK from Italy where they also ran a Pizza Bar. Read the rest of this entry