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Day 46 – Veal Escalopes and Cake – Great Day!

What a great day today was! After the exams of the last few weeks, today was our first full day of cooking for a while. So nice to be in the kitchens again cracking on with recipes and creating dishes. This morning was Soup, Veal Escalopes, Potatoes and Ginger Mousse. In the afternoon we make Praline and finishing our cakes! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

Day 26 Washing Up & Afternoon Tea Demo

Some might say that I  had spent years and years practicing for the mornings activities this passed Wednesday. Starting to work at Honeywell Meats as I did at 9 years of age by washing up and sweeping the floors you could say I could do the job with my eyes shut and with 1 hand tied behind my back! It was really good to be able to help out Marion, Suzanne and Jonathan though as they finished off their exam menu. It was great to see them all finish on-time and with great looking food too. Our afternoon was a great demo again from Tim with a theme of Afternoon Tea. Read the rest of this entry